Chicago's First Three Homicides of 2022


All information in this report is in-essence, and not verbatim unless otherwise noted. This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all reports filed within the Chicago Police Dept CIRA, CLEAR, and CHRIS systems in the records archives of the Chicago Police Dept. Bureau of Detectives and the City of Chicago Office of Public Safety Administration (OPSA).

Other records pertaining to these investigations may exist within the Cook County State's Attorney's Office - Criminal Division and the Cook County Circuit Court - Criminal Division. 

All accused offenders are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  

Chicago's first homicide of 2022 was assigned to the Area-1 Bureau of Detectives. The Chicago Police Department says "A 38 year old male victim was in a physical altercation with an unidentified male offender who struck the victim on the head with a blunt object before fleeing the scene. The victim fell to the ground and was unresponsive according to witnesses. The male victim was transported to the University of Chicago Hospital where he was pronounced. There is no one in custody and Area One detectives are investigating."

CPD says this homicide occurred around 4:32AM. According to OEMC records, the call went out at 4:32:20 and was assigned to Beat 221 as a person with a gun at 5038 S. State and two people fighting with someone shooting. The victim was said to be bleeding, and the caller was unsure of whether or not the victim was breathing. 

Beat 221 stated CFD Ambulance-1 was on-scene at 0456AM. Shortly after, 221 informed the zone that the victim was enroute to University of Chicago, and wasn't looking too good. The zone marked this as console time 0500AM. 

Beat 220 (002nd District 20-sector Sgt) stated there were two victims, one in serious condition, and the weapon was an unknown blunt object. 224 assigned paper-car, 225 assigned to the scene, and 221 assigned to University of Chicago Hospital to guard the victim and gather information to be relayed to Beat 224.

This investigation used UCR Code 0430 (Battery-Aggravated, Dangerous Weapon-Other) and was filed with RD# JF-100233 and Event# 2200104243. 

The city's 2nd homicide was assigned when the 007th District SDSC officer notified the zone of a shooting at 61st & Bishop. The officer stated he believed someone might be shot and someone was being dragged into a car. Beats 723 and 712 assigned. 702-S (SDSC) stated the shooter may have gotten into the car with the person  dragged into the car. 

CPD's News Affairs stated in a press release "A 22 year old male was found unresponsive in an alley. The victim was taken to St. Bernard Hospital, where he was pronounced after being shot in the back. No offenders are in custody at this time and Area Detectives are investigating."

Beat 723 was then assigned a walk-in gunshot victim at St. Bernard's Hospital at 5:52:20, and 702-S gave orders at 5:56:49 to hold the car if it matched with the description of newer black colored Chevy Impala. Beat 724 stated they were heading that way at 5:57:36. The walk-in gunshot victim was called-in by the Chicago Fire Dept. 

Hospital staff told those officers the victim was dropped-off and the person dropping him off took-off, and they had no information about where the victim's incident occurred. The victim was said to be in critical condition at that time (6:00:12AM).

Beat 723 obtained the RD# for this investigation at 6:30:21AM using UCR Code 0110 (Homicide - 1st Degree Murder). This investigation filed with RD# JF-100284 and Event# 2200105193. 

723 stated there were multiple vehicles at the hospital. 720 and 712 re-located to find a crime scene at 60th & Bishop. 702-S stated they have everything on pod video, and shots were fired on the corner. The victim was struck on the corner of 60th right off of Bishop near two cars, and further described a mutual combatant situation wherein the involved people were shooting at each other. At this time, it was revealed that the deceased victim was struck once in the center of the back.   

The third homicide occurred in an alley in Chicago's Humboldt Park community around 8:53AM.  

CPD News Affairs stated "An unknown female victim was found deceased in the alley due to a gunshot wound to the head. No offender is in custody and Area Detectives are investigating. No further information is available at this time."

Beat 1112 was assigned a call of a person down with an EMS call of a person shot in the head in the alley. This call was related to a shotspotter notification at the address of 1000 N. Avers, and this same address was also given by Chicago Fire Dept EMS (9:06:33AM).

1110 (10-sector Sgt) stated he was enroute. 1112 arrived on-scene where he found the victim's body. 1112 was met by Chicago Fire Dept EMS, and timely notified OEMC Zone-10 that the call is bonafide, and wouild likely be a crime lab job. 

1130 (30-sector Sgt) stated he was on-scene with 1112 (9:11:28AM). 1132 re-located to meet with 1112 to give assistance in this investigation. 

1112 located shell casings. 1102-S stated the shot was fired on Augusta by a green fence. 1124 relocated to the scene of this investigation to assist. At 9:16:23AM, 1112 notified the zone that the victim is an adult female appearing to be around 35 to 40 years of age, and was issued RD# JF-100403 with Event# 2200106570. The address was then changed to 1010 N. Hamlin in the alley. 

This investigation assigned to the Area-4 Violent Crimes/Homicide Unit.  

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