Chicago-One New Year's Eve and Post NYE Celebration LIVE Pubic Safety Coverage


This is the very first time since Chicago-One News was established that there has been live, real-time New Year's Eve and/or post New Years celebration coverage of Chicago public safety conditions. This coverage is to assist the public with knowing what is happening around them so the public can make the best decisions for themselves, while also bringing forth transparency about the work being done by the Chicago Police Dept in the midst of the largest ever New Year's Eve celebration the city has ever experienced. 

This coverage will primarily be focused on the 001st and 018th districts. These districts fall under the investigative responsibilities of the Area-3 Bureau of Detectives.

The following is the exact plan for how closures will take place tonight, per the City of Chicago: 

At 4 p.m., the Chicago Riverwalk will close east of State Street to all pedestrian traffic. The remainder of the Riverwalk west of State Street will close based on public safety. Viewing will not be allowed from the Chicago Riverwalk.

Beginning at 11 p.m., expect complete closures of the Franklin/Orleans Street, Lasalle Street, Clark Street, Dearborn Street, and State Street bridges to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Also, at 11:00 p.m., eastbound Upper, Middle and Lower Wacker Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic from Lake Street to Stetson Avenue. Pedestrian traffic and viewing from Upper Wacker Drive will be permitted. 

This evening around 7:30PM, the Chicago Police Dept started preparations for tonight's festivities as planned by putting all street, bridge, and River Walk closures into effect.

CTA and Metra Offer FREE Rides Tonight  

At 8:02PM on 31 Dec 2021, the Chicago Police Dept official verified Twitter account sent out a message for the public. 

If you’re out and about Chicago tonight to celebrate, say ‘Happy New Years’ to the officers stationed throughout the city! If you need us, let us know - we want you to have a safe celebration! #CPDMediaCar

— Chicago Police (@Chicago_Police) January 1, 2022

Missing Tender-Age Child - 8:16PM, 31 Dec 2021

Beat 111 assigned a call to 1xx N. Harbor Drive. Child missing since 7:50PM M/B 3 years-old wearing an orange Nike Jogging suit, two feet five inches, 34 pounds with brown hair, brn eyes. 

Beat 161-A (001st District Tactical Unit) arrived on-scene at the missing child call, and performed a search. Beat 171 arrived on-scene, and upon arrival notified the zone that the child had been found safe. (8:31PM)

Winter Storm Warning Issued by NWS Chicago (Northeastern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana)

Message: NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-IL1261CB419F80.WinterStormWarning.1263DC011240IL.LOTWSWLOT.ef9ae4a8a909fb0e95ce8ae13bfee69c from
Sent: 14:32 CST on 12-31-2021
Effective: 12:00 CST on 01-01-2021
Expires: 06:00 CST on 01-02-2022

Event: Winter Storm Warning




* WHAT...Steady, blowing snow and dangerous travel expected. Total

snow accumulations of 5 to 9 inches are expected. Northeast

winds could gusts up to 40 mph Saturday afternoon and evening,

especially near the lake.

* WHERE...Lake IL, DuPage, Northern Cook, Central Cook and

Southern Cook Counties.

* WHEN...From noon Saturday to 6 AM CST Sunday.

* IMPACTS...Travel could be very difficult. Widespread blowing

snow after sunset Saturday could significantly reduce

visibility, especially along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...The steadiest snow rates appear most likely

between 2 PM Saturday and midnight Sunday.

Instructions: If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight, food, and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency. The latest road conditions for Illinois can be obtained on the internet at

Target Area:

Central Cook



Northern Cook

Southern Cook

***No Further WX Warning Information***

There were some officers at the Chicago Police Dept who were NOT happy with Mayor Lightfoot in 2021

"Happy fuck you, Lightfoot"#Chicago #ChicagoScanner #Zone1

— 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖌𝖔𝕾𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖗 (@Chicago_Scanner) January 1, 2022

Then came the first person in he water call of 2022

North Water/Cityfront Plaza a person in the water#Chicago #ChicagoScanner

— 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖌𝖔𝕾𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖗 (@Chicago_Scanner) January 1, 2022

The first Chicago area expy accident of 2022

Cop: "To start the new year we just had a car crash into the wall at Harlem and I-290."#ChicagoScanner #ForestPark

— Oak Park Scanner (@OakParkScanner) January 1, 2022

The FIRST felonies in Chicago for 2022 go to the Area-3 Detective Division and Zone-4 from the 001st and 018th Districts. 

1862-E made the last detainment of 2021 for a person w/ a gun. Offender tossed a gun. Address was 600 N. Kingsbury on the river. 

6333 got the 1st RD number of the year in 001 for UCR 0250. This gets the FIRST RD Number of the year! RD# JF-100001

RD# JF-100002 (2nd RD of the year) on Event# 2200114713 goes to 1862 (018th District Tact Team)

The first elderly missing has been reported at Navy Pier by CPD Navy Pier Post 2, but the radio transmission couldn't be heard by OEMC due to an open key on CW-6.

The first call on Z1 for 2022 was shots fired. 3748 W. Irving and Wilson/St. Louis. 1720 said "Unless there's a body on the ground, 19-P these shots fired calls"

1062-D asking for a mobile with 1935 on Zone-2 was the first radio call on that zone aside from OEMC giving a happy new year wish to the officers. 1062-D wished 1935 a happy new year. 1912 got the first assignment of the year on Z2 and that was an auto-accident w/ injuries.

Zone-3: 1432 3rd watch and 1424 midnights got the first assignment of the year, a Battery that just occurred at the pilot project. Female hit the victim over the head w/ a bottle of beer.

Zone-5: Beat 262 got shots fired 55 & Prarie, then 58th st in the west alley of Prarie as the new year was changing. 262 then gave a slow-down. The first assignment in 003 was at Lakeshore & 57th street for a check the well-being (beat 371), followed by a child being hurt (cell tower hit only, also for beat 371). 

Zone-6: Shots fired - 719's beat, followed by a burglar alarm, fireworks, a DUI, and a disturbance in 008. 

Zone-7: Same first call as Zone-5. 

Zone-8: The first call of 2022 was for a fireworks injury victim stating a firework blew-up in his face. 

Zone-9: First call of 2022 was shots fired. This was a notification from a SDSC room. 

Zone-10: 1199 gave an order to resume normal operations, but told the zone to assign cars in tandem this morning. 1123 and 1124 got the first assignment of 2022 to 2XX N. Albany for a person with a gun.

Zone-11: The last assignment for 2021 was a DUI with a warning to motorist issued and the start of the 20-minute observation period for beat 2053. This also became the first assignment at console time 0000 hours. 24th district got shots fired for the first call of 2022. 

Zone-12: 015 got the last assignment for 2021, shots fired by shotspotter notification. 1502-S got the first shots fired by way of a shotspotter notification, 3 rounds on s. Lotus and 2 rounds on Lavergne. "Lets go Brandon" heard at 12:02AM. 

Zone-13: The final call on this zone was a shotspotter notification. The first assignments were shots fired on Rockwell, followed by 15 rounds via shotspotter on Bell, shots fired on Laughlin, Richmond, Damen, Ashland, and 61-A got an RD for UCR 143-A: JF-100004 on Event# 2200114107

Citywide-1: 6310 did the first premise check of 2022, and 7303 got the first CTA incident for a medical issue with a person who was unresponsive at the Midway bus station.

Citywide-2: 1568-C was the first unit of 2022 to call for an Evidence Tech but the radio signal was poor and had to be attempted a second time. 5832 was the first E.T. to get assigned a job in 2022. 224 was the first unit to ask CW2 for an ET. for a crime scene - person shot. The first domestic violence case with injury to both the mother and juvenile victim was presented to the Citywide with Area-3 Detective 5314 assigned at a little after 1AM - offender in-custody.   

Citywide-3:   Post 11-E from the downtown fireworks detail was the first to call-in for R-Service, outside number 2104, unmarked Ford Fusion silver in color - plate#MP6386. Car wouldn't start at Lasalle & Wacker at the NW corner. 

Citywide-4: 4363-C was the first beat of 2022 to call-in 

Citywide-5: No calls

Citywide-6: River rescue for a person in the river became the first call of 2022

Citywide-7: Request for a mobile with another unit was the first call of 2022 

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