Sexual Assault Victim Shoots Offender


This is an Area-1 Violent Crimes/Sex Crimes Unit Investigation. All information in this report is in-essence only, and not verbatim unless otherwise notated. This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports filed under the RD Number assigned this investigation. 

On 29 December 2021, Chicago OEMC Zone-7 dispatched a call of a Criminal Sexual Assault in-progress on the 400 block of Englewood around 9:49PM. The dispatcher stated that the caller said a female could be heard screaming that someone was trying to rape her and the caller was unable to see the crime occurring.

Beat 724 was assigned. A second call then was relayed to beat 724 that a female victim in her 20s was sitting at the address saying someone had tried to rape her. 

Upon arrival, beat 724 notified the zone that they had a bonafide criminal sexual assault. 720 was notified and an ambulance was requested. Beat 724 then requested an available Sgt, and 720 was assigned.   

Beat 725 was assigned to assist in the investigation of this case at St. Bernard Hospital. 720 re-located to University of Chicago Hospital to assist in this investigation and perform supervisory duties. Beat 725 attempted to find-out where this offender got shot, and hospital security informed him that the offender drove himself there, and there was a vehicle with a lot of blood in it parked nearby. Beat 720 gave orders to attempt to locate the crime scene and guard it. Beat 6012 was at St. Bernard with 725.

720 gave instructions to 724 to locate the gun that was used to shoot the offender, but 724 stated the car was no longer on-scene. At that time, beat 6012 stated he was aware of a black Chevy Malibu. A black Impala was located with tinted windows all around, and that became a car of interest. 

The car came back registered to the offender's girlfriend. The victim identified the car as belonging to the offender's girlfriend. Ambulance 64 transported the offender to University of Chicago. At this time, the accused offender was identified. Beat 720 ascertained that the victim wrestled the gun away from the offender during the attack.

According to a statement released by Chicago Police News Affairs, a 27 year old female victim was being sexually assaulted at gun point by a male when she reached for the weapon in order to disarm the offender. The firearm discharged striking the male offender in the leg during the struggle for the weapon. The 54 year old male offender was placed into custody and transported to U of C where he is listed in fair condition. The female victim was not injured and Area One detectives are investigating.

On background, this incident appears to be domestic.

Beat 725 was assigned to guard the car used by the offender. At around 10:27pm, beat 720 notified the zone that the U of C doctor treating the offender gave him the identity of the offender being treated, and that the offender was going to surgery. Per 720 CFD paramedics said the offender was shot four times: once to the abdomen, groin, right arm, and left buttock.

724 informed beat 6012 that the victim refused medical treatment. This notification at around 10:30PM. At 10:34PM beat 724 stated they had relocated to St. Bernards and the victim had positively identified the car. 

5130 (Area-1 Detective) requested Sgt. McNichols to contact him at 10:44PM. 

724 notified the zone that they are transporting the victim to Area-1 Detective Division at 10:46PM and arrived there at 10:54PM.

This story will be updated when Chicago Police release more details, or upon a bond court hearing. 

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