Robbery Group Strikes in 019th District


On 29 December 2021, Chicago Police beat 1932 was assigned a robbery that had just occurred that also came-in at Chicago's OEMC Police Dispatch as a battery in-progress at Belmont and Sheffield. Beat 1924 was assigned as back-up, with Sergeants on 1961 and 1910 supervising.

According to the dispatch radio traffic, the offenders fled on foot northbound on Sheffield towards a nearby school.

The Chicago Police Major Media Incident Notification System did not contain any information for the news media about this robbery, and WGN reported that Chicago Police stated "two of the people punched the woman (victim) and pushed her to the group. While she was on the ground, she was kicked in the face. One of the people then demanded belongings. All eight people then fled the scene with the woman’s items. The woman refused medical treatment."

Upon arrival at the scene, the 019th district tactical Sgt. assigned beat 1961 instructed police dispatch to "slow it down here", and told dispatch that they were looking for 10 male blacks that went north on Sheffield from Belmont who stole the victim's I-Phone."

1902-S (SDSC/Intelligence) stated to dispatch that half of the group of offenders split-up and went east on Belmont. SDSC would only know this because they have cameras in the area. 

CPD investigation revealed the exact address of the robbery to be 3221 N. Sheffield. According to CPD beat maps, this is beat 1924. 

Address of tonight's group robbery | Google Maps photo

This is a mixed-use area made-up of a combination of residences and businesses. The address where the robbery occurred is a four-flat with the first floor ground-level reserved for businesses. Across the street is a business known as Trader Todd's. This area is bounded by School St. to the north which becomes Aldine, and Belmont to the south.

Chicago Police radio traffic from this incident reveals that the victim described the offenders who engaged her as being between the ages of 15 and 18 years of age, with one offender wearing  orange beanie wearing black clothing and the 2nd offender wearing black clothing as well. 

1961 reported he had two possible offenders detained at 7:34PM. 1961 asked 1932 if any of the offenders were female, and 32 reported back that the victim didn't remember any females, just the two main offenders that engaged her. 1902-S then informed 1961 that pictures and video from the nearby pod cam were sent to his Dept issued phone. 1902-S then informed all units to check their dept e-mail for photos of possible offenders.

During this investigation, another call went out over Zone-2 of a robbery at the Belmont CTA Red Line involving 8 to 10 males against 1 victim. 1961 arrived to find that this was the same group of offenders from the Sheffield robbery, and that the victim in the CTA Red Line Attempted Robbery fought back and the offenders fled. The paper car assigned was 1932. The offenders were on a northbound train when the Red Line Attempted Robbery occurred per 1961. 

ABC-7 Chicago reports that police told them "A 31-year-old woman was riding the CTA Red Line when five people tried to steal from her. A struggle ensued, and when another woman tried to intervene, the suspects tried to rob her as well before giving up and fleeing the scene."

The CTA Red Line Attempted Robbery is filed under RD# JE-429351 and Event# 2136311442.   

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