Chicago Police Officer Charged in Murder of Andris Wofford Held Without Bond


Chicago-One News originally reported on this case on December 8th, 2021

Early this morning at 5:52AM, Tom Ahern, who is the Deputy Director - News Affairs & Communications for the Chicago Police Department, announced the formal charges in a news release via his official Twitter verified account. 

Offender Charged with First Degree Murder of 29-Year-Old Woman @CPD25thDistrict @Area5Detectives #ChicagoPolice

— Tom Ahern (@TomAhernCPD) December 11, 2021

Chicago Police records show that Pierre Tyler became a Chicago Police Officer April 25th, 2016, and was assigned to the Recruit Training Section (Unit 044), and given Chicago Police Star# 10228.

                                                                  Pierre Tyler | Chicago Police photo

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that their sources "said the officer had a child with Wofford, who had filed a complaint against the officer in the past alleging domestic violence." 

Chicago-One News confirmed that the Cook County Medical Examiner performed an autopsy and found Wofford's death to be homicide from a gunshot to the head.

Bond Court results: This is Cook County Circuit Court Docket# 21-MC-1117805 

Judge Charles Beach conducted the Central Bond Court for 11 Dec 2021

Per Judge Beach, if the state files a Discretionary No-Bail, the court and the law requires proof be evident and presumption great, AND the defendant is a threat to the community or a flight risk. 

Tim Grace defense attorney for Tyler via zoom

Assistant State's Attorney Craig E. for the State of Illinois 

Defendant is a 29 y/o Male, CPD Officer. Incident occurred between Dec 8th and Dec 9th, 2021.

Defendant is a CPD Officer and was dating the victim. Defendant and victim had a 9 month-old child between them. CR was filed in domestic. Domestic incident did not result in arrest. Defendant had a 2nd child w/ another woman while dating victim. Defendant had a child support case with mother of his other child. 

Victim thought defendant had married the mother of his other child and shared plan to confront Tyler with her family. Surveillance video shows victim's front door. Defendant called mother of his 9 month-old child two separate times, and victim called the mother of his other child at some point. Victim called family to pick-up child from day care which was not unusual for the victim to do. Family later attempted to contact victim and there was no response. Neighbor witness heard an argument, and one neighbor heard a muffled bang which is when everything went quiet. 

At approximately 9:01PM, video shows victim's door opening and abruptly closing. Victim was found next to this door. Defendant was seen exiting at 9:02PM with his gun holstered. Victim's car was seen on video being locked and unlocked but video was unclear as to who was at the car. Video shows no one else leaves the victim's apartment other than the victim or defendant. Victim never came to family's home to pick-up her child, and child spent night with the victim's father. Victim's phone was not at the home the next day. 

The following day, victim's father called defendant to help find the victim. Family arrived at the victim's home, and they found the victim wearing her coat with a gunshot wound. No sign of forced entry. Detectives brought defendant who was on-scene, to Area-5 and Pierre waived his 5th Amendment Right to remain silent, and made statements, admitting he left his Springfield handgun at the victim's house. Defendant stated he went to meet a C.I. but Area-5 investigation showed his partners said CPD never meets CI's alone, and never do they use their personal vehicles.

The victim's cell phone was never found. Search warrant served by ARea-5 Detectives resulted in shell casings matching the scene being found. Cook County Medical Examiner Dr. Marshall did autopsy of victim and found victim was shot in the right side of face, and there was stippling. 

State asked Tyler be held, no bail.

Pierre's defense attorney confirmed with judge that the case is a mandatory no bail upon the finding that the presumption great and proof evident.

Pierre is a graduate of Chicago's Prosser High School, and deployed to Afghanistan in a combat role with U.S. Armed Forces. Pierre was a 15th district tact team gang enforcement officer with many CPD awards, including Superintendent's Award for Tactical Excellence. Pierre has 3 kids. Defendant spent half his time with the victim at her Nashville address. Defendant's attorney argues Tyler is not a flight risk and argued no-bond is too high for Tyler given the fact that all evidence is circumstantial.

Judge ruled mitigation is great in that Tyler served honorably in dangerous places, and rose into a Tact position quickly at CPD. This however, Judge Beach said, does not come into his analysis. Judge found proof is evident and presumption great that Tyler committed this offense, given the video proof and the witness who heard an argument followed by a muffled bang. Judge notes a 9:11PM text from victim's phone after Tyler left victim's home. 

Judge admits that the standard used to refuse bond/bail is lower than that required for conviction. Judge explained that during the argument between he and the victim, video evidence does not show anyone come or go other than the accused. Judge also stated that because a search warrant recovered shell casings matching that used to kill the victim, presumption is great and proof evident. Judge held Tyler Pierre without bail and sent the case to Branch 66 on 12/13/2021.   

Earlier in the hearing, the judge stated, "I fear we missed a step, State, did I swear you as to your proffer?" State argued that no affidavit was filed, and state did not need to be sworn. Judge agreed. 

Pierre's attorney asked Judge for protective custody, and Judge agreed.   

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