Chicago Police Officer Arrested For Murder of Black Woman Near Shriner's Hospital For Children


                                     Andris Wofford - Photo Courtesy of Family

Date: 09 December 2021

Address of Occurrence: 2114 N. Nashville

Beat of Occurrence: 2512

Beat of Assignment: 2511

UCR: 5080/5078/0110

RD# JE-471248

Event# 03792


BWC Event. Event# 03792

This is an Area-5 Homicide Investigation, and all information contained within this report is in-essence only and not verbatim unless otherwise noted. This report should not be read alone, but with all other reports filed with this RD Number. 

In summary, reporting officer on Beat 2511 discovered a female victim at or around 10:11AM at 2114 N. Nashville subsequent to a well-being check. Victim was shot in the face, and at first, Beat 2511 believed the injury may have been self-inflicted. The zone dispatcher assigned Zone-12 asked Beat 2511 if the injury was a GSW, and Beat 2512 stated "undetermined". EMS was requested immediately. 

Beat 2510 and 2520 (Sgts for the 025th District 10 and 20 beat sectors) went on this assignment to supervise. 2511 advised Z12 that the address for EMS response is a gated community and they need to enter on Natchez.

2512 spoke with the manager and manager agreed to leave the gate open. 

Beat 2511 stated no weapon was found at the time of his investigation. 

CFD Engine 125 on-scene at 10:17AM.

Beat 2511 relayed to Zone-12 that victim was pronounced on-scene at 10:24AM via telemetry by Dr. Markul of Illinois Masonic Hospital and Medical Center due to GSW to left chin. Victim now identified as Andris Wofford. 

2512 transported 1 person to Area-5 at 11:10AM

1563 re-located to Area-5 from Nashville at 11:11AM

2511 ordered the Crime Lab at 11:32AM

 Detective: Linn - Star# 21384 Beat 5514-H

 2511 then called for body removal at 2:44PM

Requesting officer: Branch - Star# 15045 Beat 2511

Detective: A/5 Detective Bebee 20600 Beat 5514-H

ME Investigator: William #79

ME Case# 2021-11448


Reporting Detectives were assigned this investigation by the on-duty Area-5 Bureau of Detectives Sgt. in Violent Crimes/Homicide. 

R/Ds relocated form the area to the scene, and upon arrival met with on-scene units of the 025th District. R/Ds obtained initial investigative findings from on-scene units of 025, and found that the victim was located near the front door of the address.

Investigation in summary led to R/Ds taking a Chicago Police Officer into custody for investigation at Bureau of Detectives Area-5. This department member in-custody was relieved of police powers by Supt. Brown. COPA and CPD Bureau of Internal Affairs has been notified, and a CR investigation initiated.

This investigation continues. 

What is being learned about Andris Wofford: 

Wofford was a 29 year-old mother of two children, and attended Dominican University, as well as N.I.U.

Wofford has a Facebook profile stating she worked in child welfare. 

Wofford Facebook profile. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

 Wofford posted on December 3rd asking those on her Facebook page interested in sponsoring a teenage girl or boy between the ages of 15 and 19 to let her know. A comment made by her in response to someone using the name Jasmine Johnson stated "We are in the process of gathering all of the wish lists and lll send them over shortly."

The child welfare profession is a large community of professionals, meaning that Wofford could have been employed by DCFS, or by a private agency that handles DCFS cases. DCFS contracts with social work agencies that perform intact family services geared towards keeping families together, as well as permanency services for children in protective custody who may either be sent home or to a foster family in the event that the child cannot return home.

Chicago-One News will update this article when more information is released.   

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