Inaki Bascaran Missing Person Investigation Becomes Death Investigation


On 01 November 2021, Chicago Police and major corporate news media announced a search for Inaki Bascaran who had last been seen at 111 W. Hubbard St. with friends at a restaurant/bar called "Celeste" on 30 October 2021.  Also on November 1st, 2021, an NBC 5 Chicago Article stated Bascaran could be endangered per Illinois State Police. 

ABC 7 Chicago reported a description of Bascaran given by Chicago Police as a 23 year-old male standing 5 ft. 9 in., 165 pounds with green eyes, brown hair, and a light complexion. 

This case was assigned to the Area-3 Special Victims Unit under RD# JE-345158.

This investigation came to the attention of the Area-3 SVU on 30 October 2021 after Bascaran exited the restaurant/bar at 111. W. Hubbard st in the 018th District on Beat 1831, attempted to re-enter the business at or around 11:45 p.m. 

Five minutes later at or around 11:50PM , Bascaran texted someone saying he was attemptng to re-enter the business. Bascaran then walked to a local Walgreens store and completed a Facetime call with a roommate who stated that Bascaran told him he was on his way home.

At or around 12:15AM on 31 Oct 2021, someone Bascaran was with at the 111. W. Hubbard location then texted Bascaran, but stated that Bascaran had not responded to that text and that the text had not been read.

Inaki Bascaran's father, Jose Bascaran, then filed a missing person report.

Jose Bascaran, father of Inaki Bascaran, courtesy of ABC 7 Chicago

On Monday, 01 November 2021, an estimated 100 people gathered at 111 W. Hubbard and those individuals participated in a community search for Inaki Bascaran. Inaki Bascaran's friends and family conducted an indeoendent search for Inaki Bascaran which included hospitals. That investigation returned negative results, and each hospital checked stated they did not have anyone matching Bascaran in their facility. 

On Monday, 01 November 2021,  Nathan Meyer, Bascaran's friend, college roommate and best friend in high school, gave a statement to ABC 7 Chicago and stated: "I think everyone here can probably say they've went out to a bar and walked home alone at night, as stupid as it may be, and we've all done it, and it's just shocking because 100 out of 100 times you wake up the next morning and you get on with your day."

Nathan Meyer - Bascaran's high school best friend and college roommate - photo courtesy of ABC 7 Chicago

On that same day, ABC 7 Chicago posted the below video

On 02 November 2021, at or around 8:26AM, a Twitter user with the Twitter handle @kbmihelic published a Tweet asking the public for help finding Inaki Bascaran from an I-Phone per the posting method listed openly by Twitter at the bottom of the tweet.

My friend, Iñaki Bascaran, has been missing since Saturday night. Please reach out with any information and continue to spread the word. Let’s get him home

— Kevin (@kbmihelic) November 2, 2021

At or around 8:38AM, the above tweet was followed-up in thread form by a 2nd tweet that Twitter automatically listed as coming from an I-Phone. for more information. He was last spotted on the 100 block of Hubbard Saturday night, not 800 block of Newport. Long sleeve gray shirt, blue pants, black vans.

— Kevin (@kbmihelic) November 2, 2021

A Go Fund Me account was located by this reporter that states to have Jose Bascaran as the beneficiary by a person using the name, Renata Buenrostro. This account appears to have been started on or around 02 November 2021. At this time, it is unknown if this is a legitimate account connected to the family. 

On 05 November 2021, at or around 4:35PM, officers assigned to the Chicago Police Department Marine Unit located and recovered a body in the Chicago River near the 1000 block of S. Wells. 

CPD Beat 114 was assigned this call. 114 Requested an E.T. to respond to Marine Unit HQ at 5:56PM to process the body of Inaki Bascaran. A/3 Detective Daly - Star# 21064 assigned. 

Beat 114 Requested body removal at 7:08PM using the address of 152 N. Lake Shore Drive at DuSable Harbor. The requesting officer on Beat 114 was Jolliff-Blake - Star# 15176. Bascaran was stated by Jolliff-Blake #15176 to be a John Doe at the time of body removal request under RD# JE-345158.

Cook County M.E. Investigator Wilson #83 assigned. 

Request time recorded as 7:12PM

On 06 November 2021, the Chicago Tribune posted an article by Jade Ryan in which Jose Bascaran, Inaki Bascaran's father is quoted, stated, "According to Bascaran, 56, an Uber driver reported seeing someone late Saturday fitting his son’s description walking “not in a good condition.” Jose Bascaran is then quoted as saying “I don’t know if he blacked out. I have no idea.”

Results of an autopsy are pending at this time. 

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