Chicago Park District Lifeguard Supervisor Arrested in Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault of 16 Year-Old Subordinate


This is a Chicago Police Department Special Investigations Unit and Great Lakes Fugitive Task Force joint arrest. 

All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim unless otherwise noted. This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports under this RD#. 

This investigation was assigned to Reporting Detectives by the SIU Sgt. on-duty after notification by field units. 

Upon notification, R/Ds gathered case materials needed for this investigation and reviewed the Original Case Incident Report for familiarity.
R/Ds then re-located and made contact with the victim and victim's parents.

Minor victim related to R/Ds that the offender whom victim identified as Mauricio Ramirez, and further stated that Ramirez is her Chicago Park District Lifeguard Supervisor, had made sexual contact with her. Victim continued to elaborate in detail to R/Ds the exact dates, times, and places where the offender committed these offenses, as well as details of what kind of sexual activity took place between offender and victim.

Victim stated that Offender Ramirez knew victim was under 18 years-old, and was in a position of trust over victim. 

R/Ds arranged for a VSI (Victim Sensitive Interview) at CACC. Date and time for this VSI was given to victim and her parents, and R/Ds furnished CPD business cards to the victim and her parents.

R/Ds then re-located to SIU to prepare for further investigation of this matter. R/Ds confirmed with the Chicago Park District that Ramirez is indeed an employee assigned as Supervisor in the Pools and Beaches Unit and was the supervisor of minor victim. R/Ds were able to obtain relevant employment and time/attendance records for Offender Ramirez through the Chicago Park District Pools and Beaches Unit/Human Resources.

Using all information gained through investigation, including the VSI portion of investigation, R/Ds in consultation with the Cook County State's Attorney's Felony Review Unit were able to pursue arrest of offender Ramirez. Ramirez was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service Great Lakes Regional Task Force in the presence of his attorney. Per his attorney's advice, offender invoked his 5th Amendment right to remain silent. 

Chicago-One News learned in bond court today that this offender is currently a 32 year old male who was between between 31 and 32 at time of the offenses. Victim was 16 at the time of the offenses. 

The state said in bond court that during this past summer of 2021 victim was a lifeguard for the Chicago Park District, and that between July and September of 2021 victim and offender started a text/phone relationship. Offender then went to victim's high school and performed a sex act. On another occasion, offender drove victim near Kelly Park, parked the car, and committed another offense. Offender then drove victim home.

Between July and Sept of 2021, the state said the offender took victim to his home and later that morning the offender drove victim to her school.

There was one more act before the victim outcried and victim was taken to Lurie Children's Hospital where a forensic kit was performed. Victim told Detectives the texts between her and the offender were deleted. Detectives performed a phone dump, and no recovery of the texts was able to be done. Offender was questioned by Detectives with attorney present, consented to a buccal swab, and was released without charging. After those buccal swabs were subjected to DNA testing, the results showed the offender could not be excluded as a contributor of DNA matched to the victim's body. 

Detectives performed an analysis of phone records from victim and offender which showed offender and victim were in contact on multiple occasions between July and Sept of 2021. 

Offender has no past criminal history. 

The defense attorney stated offender has worked at the Chicago Park District over 15 years and that offender has a passport and will surrender passport if ordered. Defense Attorney stated there is no objection to electronic monitoring. Defense Attorney was present when offender surrendered. Arrest made by CPD Det Ramirez - no relation to offender. Defense Attorney asked for reasonable bail, suggesting "perhaps 25K" and electronic monitoring. 

Per the judge in Courtroom 102 today, The Court finds that at the time acts occurred, defendant was an adult 31 to 32 years-old. The relationship between victim and defendant was that of supervisor and subordinate. The victim is 16, and according to the people, worked under defendant's supervision as a summer Life Guard for the Park District. The judge then said the defendant was aware of the age difference, he had engaged in multiple texts and calls with the victim. He picked her up from school, and as her supervisor, was aware of her age. During the summer of 2021 multiple sexual contacts with the victim are alleged, and then the victim outcries to family and was taken to the hospital and a forensic kit was done, samples collected, those samples reveal DNA from which the defendant can't be excluded. "Def Atty tells me this defendant is not a flight risk." As Deluca (Defense Attorney) points out, the def is presumed innocent, and this is a case where the proof is evident and presumption great in what is, in effect, a non-probationable offense. Court finds defendant poses a real and present danger to the community based on allegations. Presumption against non-monetary bail is overcome in this case. Therefore, bail will be 500,000 D, with special conditions being electronic monitoring with other special conditions also being no contact with victim whatsoever, should defendant post bond. 

The next court date is Nov 17th, 2021, in room 102. The judge acknowledged a defense demand for trial.  

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