Area-5 Detectives Arrest, Charge Offender in Murder of 7 Year-Old Serenity Broughton


Chicago-One News originally reported on the murder of 7 year-old Serenity Broughton and the attempted murder of her 6 year-old sister back on 16 August 2021

Chicago-One News has now learned that Area-5 Homicide Unit Detectives have arrested a 24 year-old offender now identified as Aireon Luster. 

Aireon Luster, CPD Photo

This is the 2nd time Luster has been arrested in this case. The first arrest resulted in the Cook County State's Attorney rejecting any charges. This 2nd arrest resulted in the Cook County State's Attorney approving charges for 1st Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery w/ a Handgun - Intent to Injure or Kill. Chicago Police Dept. Superintendent Brown stated that an attempted murder charge was approved, however, chapter 720 of Illinois criminal statutes does not list an "attempted murder" statute. 

 Last night at a press conference at Chicago Police HQ, Superintendent Brown stated that Luster was arrested in Riverside, Illinois at his grandmother's residence in the basement. 

Two other offenders are being sought by the Area-5 Detective Division Homicide Unit in connection with this case. 

During last night's press conference, Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan stated that his Detectives "worked tirelessly, and they did a remarkable job using all the technology possible." Deenihan went on to say that his Detectives did find a motive in this shooting, and that the intended target was a relative who is a member of the household the Broughton sisters were visiting. Deenihan also said "I don't think the public knows just how much effort goes into this. These guys, they stay-up twenty-four, thirty-four hours in a row." 

Deenihan gave some details of how the shooting occurred, stating, "there were three offenders in the car. Two offenders exited the car, went down an alley, and that's where the shots were fired in the direction of where Serenity and her sister were. There two individuals then ran back to the car, and all three offenders made good their escape." 

Bond Court Hearing Results

Bond Court - Room 102

Judge states Luster was arrested on warrant, states that warrant is now executed. The entire hearing was plagued by microphone problems that prevented the Judge and all who were listening from accurately making out every detail stated by ASA Murphy. The following details are therefore incomplete and are given only in-essence and not verbatim. 

Luster has Pre-Trial scores of 3 and 2, with a yes to new violent activity flag, max conditions recommended, per Court Pre-Trial Services. Luster is present on one count of 1st Degree Murder, and 3 charges of attempted 1st degree murder. 

Judge stopped the hearing because the ASA has a bad mic, and can barely be heard.

Luster is a member of the Insane Vicelords M20 gang in conflict with 4 -Corner Hustlers streetgang. Witnesses in this case were involved with a facetime call with Luster. One witness found out Luster's location. 30 mins later, the silver car came into the alley and came to a stop.

Shooting not captured on video. Sound of shots WAS captured on video.

Video captured activity at some point near or around the gangway. Multiple videos were recovered that show the car in the area, entering the alley and later fleeing. Plate was reported stolen on 07 Aug of 21. Riverside PD ran the plate Aug 11th and 13th of 21.

Riverside PD gave intelligence to Area-5 as to Luster's presence at the residence where he was arrested, and Detectives obtained his cell phone number, cell phone records, and parole (MSR - Mandatory Supervised Release) records.

There are plates registered to Luster. Witnesses 2 and 3 identified Luster. 

The Great Lakes Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals Service) pinged his phone twice in all, and one of those pings came from within the walls of his grandmother's residence, per the Great Lake Fugitive Task Force.

When they entered the residence, the grandmother let them in but lied about Luster being there at the time and assisted Luster in hiding. 

The state alleges that there are social media messages revealing ongoing threats between Luster and the victim's uncle. The uncle appears to have been the intended target of the fatal shooting that killed 7 year-old Serenity Broughton. 

State filed discretionary no bail. State alleges cell phone records corroborate where Luster was. In the end, it was a combination of witnesses, his cell phone records, and social media that led to his arrest.

Defense Attorney rebuts the id's, says id's may not be of high quality, accused state of using inferential lead, and also questions cellphone evidence statement by pointing out that towers do not point out exact location of a person but only gives a radius of around 12 miles. 

Defense Attorney asked for a reasonable bond even though there is likely a parole hold because Luster was on Mandatory Supervised Release at the time of the murder.

Judge says the state argues that the proof is evident, and presumption great Luster committed this offense. Judge says inferential as to car ownership is circumstantial. Judge says he doesn't have cellphone records before him at the moment and there will be a trial that will determine that, and other issues at play in this case. 

Luster asks to speak. Attorney advises against speaking. Judge says HE DOES believe proof is evident and presumption great, and that no condition of bond that would ensure compliance with bond conditions or community safety. Judge held Luster without bail.

Next hearing scheduled on November 3rd, 2021. Defense Atty states Luster is invoking his 5th Amendment rights to remain silent and does not wish to speak to any government actors, and wants counsel present for any interaction with government actors.

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