Area-3 Detectives Investigating Death of 16 Year-Old Male


The Chicago Police Department released a news statement at 2:59AM this morning that read as follows:

"Officers responded to a domestic-related incident at an apartment unit involving an 18-year-old man who punched a window while arguing with his mother. Officers were able to make entry into the unit and the three family members inside left the apartment unharmed however the son has not been located. The SWAT team is on scene and he is believed to be inside the building." 

CPD then updated the statement to say "the 18-year-old man was discovered deceased inside a room in the apartment. His cause of death is unknown and under investigation by Area Three detectives. There were no other reported injuries. The family members were taken to Area Three for questioning."

A review of CPD radio traffic from last night's investigation showed the following in chronological order:

Units of the 012th District were notified by OEMC Zone-3 on Wednesday, October 06th, 2021 at or around 8:56PM of a domestic disturbance with a weapon. The dispatcher's exact words were "the mother stabbed the caller in the ribs with a knife, fire's enroute, and a female was seen running out with two little children and she got into a white Mercedes"

The zone dispatcher had to send out this call a second time at 9:03PM as part of what the dispatcher described as a "backlog". One minute later, the dispatcher stated that Ambulance 62 informed the zone that the victim was inside the residence with a weapon. 

1271 and 1212 were assigned at 9:08PM when the dispatcher then stated CFD Engine 30 was staging outside, and now the dispatcher says a woman is inside with a weapon. 

At 9:16PM, 1210 (012th District 10-sector Sgt) relayed information to the zone that they had tried to gain entry to the residence, and they believe a victim to be bleeding, but that they also saw bullets on the floor and that "he" (a person not yet identified) was "hiding in one of the rooms", and requested SWAT "just to be safe". 1210 then made it known that the residence does have a 2nd floor and they weren't sure if there was access, and requested a unit to cover the rear of the residence. 

1200-X (012th District Executive Officer) confirmed with the zone that SWAT was requested, and started enroute. 1210 then stated on-scene units had spoken with the mother, and that they have no clue if he's in the house, that there IS a weapon in the house,  and they had no idea where in the house he might be if he's in the house. 1210 further stated that they needed for safety reasons to keep a distance between everyone at the scene and the house, and requested a car in the alley. 1210 ordered that CFD be moved and designated the staging area as Paulina and Augusta. 

1220 and 1232 stated they were enroute, along with 1263-D and 1263-B. 1210 designated Augusta the safe route in, but ordered that everyone stop at Paulina. 1234 volunteered to go to the scene, and 1210 ordered Hermitage and Augusta, and also Wood and Augusta blocked-off. 1220 asked for a car eastbound by Damen, and ordered units to make sure nobody gets around. 

1235 was assigned the rear of the address. 1250 requested a car to block traffic westbound at Augusta and Ashland. 

1210 gave a description of the male in question as a male black, 6 foot 2, 170 pounds last seen wearing a jacket and jeans. The mother was telling 1210 at this time that he might possibly be in the house and a blood trail was present from him cutting himself. Mother also told 1210 that he may possibly be high. 

1220 - eastbound traffic at Wood 1263-C stated they would relocate to the scene after handling a shits fired call. 1234 eastbound traffic - Augusta & Damen, 1232 - Alley.   

1220 requested a unit to block pedestrian traffic at Augusta and Hermitage, and instructed the unit to come from the westbound side. 1211 assigned. 1220 made it known that Augusta and Hermitage needed to be secured because a camera man was able to walk-up right into the scene. 

The OEMC Zone-3 dispatcher advised units of a shift change at OEMC at 9:42PM. This now gives the zone operations to a new dispatcher. 

1234 relocating to Augusta and Wood to take 1220's place, and 1220 stated there were too many observers walking around the scene. 1263-D requested their Sgt. 

1210 asked OEMC to re-route CTA buses on Augusta if any buses happened to be running at that time.

1210 asked for an officer at Augusta & Paulina, specifically a unit without a rifle. 1232 designated the communications car. 

1210 and 1263 spoke regarding a youth who was with the mother at the scene was now at Augusta & Ashland, and 1263 wanted to know if 1210 wanted him back with his mother. 1210 stated negative. 1271 spoke with 1263 and asked if he had the brother, and 1263 confirmed stating he was with the uncle.

RD# JE-400789 and Event# 15017 issued for UCR Code 5000 by authority of 1210

5320 assigned (Area-3 Detective Division Sgt)

The popular Chicago-based @Chicago_Scanner Twitter account followed this investigation. That account learned around 10:58PM that SWAT had made entry and the pwerson they were seeking appeared to be deceased. 

SWAT has made entry, subject appears deceased, EMS about to make entry#Chicago #ChicagoScanner #HBT

— 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖌𝖔𝕾𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖗 (@Chicago_Scanner) October 7, 2021

Shortly after that, Chicago_Scanner learned that the person was indeed deceased at the scene

Subject is DOA, EMS transporting him to St Mary's#Chicago #ChicagoScanner #HBT

— 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖌𝖔𝕾𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖗 (@Chicago_Scanner) October 7, 2021

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office listed the deceased as a 16 year-old male, and assigned Case# ME2021-09387. 

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