Suspect Charged in Brutal Murder of Kelvyn Park Elderly Woman Told Therapist He Was Going to Kill Her


This is an update to RD# JE-389276

This is a case closure report, Cleared-Closed by Arrest & Prosecution

All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim unless otherwise noted. 

The offender known known as Peralta, Luis, was arrested on-scene on 27 Sept 2021 at 3:47PM just moments after committing the offense of First Degree Murder against victim Porfiria Espinoza-Cardoza at 4622 W. Schubert.

Upon being placed in an interview room at Area-5 Bureau of Detectives, Peralta was given a copy of the CPD Miranda Rights Warning and Waiver form per CPD Directives. Reporting Detectives read the form out loud to Peralta who stated that he understood his rights and voluntarily waived his 5th Amendment right to remain silent and did not ask for an attorney to be present. See Miranda Warning and Waiver form signed by reporting Detectives and Peralta. Also see ERI recording inventoried as evidence in this investigation. 

In summary, Peralta admitted to committing the alleged 1st Degree Murder of victim Porfiria Espiniza-Cardoza, stating that he had a lot of anger that he needed to get out. Peralta admitted that he has two diagnosed mental illnesses, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia. Peralta stated that he has a therapist, and a history of hospitalization for his schizophrenia, and that prior to carrying-out this offense he had spoken to his therapist and told the therapist he was going to commit this act against the victim, Porfiria Espinoza-Cardoza. 

R/Ds were able to confirm the relationship between Peralta and the victim as grandson and grandmother.

The offender waited until after the victim's daughter left the residence to pick-up her child from school. R/Ds learned from an interview with the victim's daughter that upon her return home the day the victim was murdered, she found the offender standing over the body of her mother. She stated that both the offender and the victim (her mother) were covered in blood. Daughter (witness# 1) now states that she screamed for her 2 year-old son to get away from the scene, and that no threat had occurred towards her child, and that the child was unharmed.  

Further investigation revealed that the offender had contact with a neighbor after he committed this murder, and told that neighbor he felt as if nobody listens to him.  

R/Ds performed a canvass of the area and were able to learn about and retrieve video showing the offender, Peralta, walking towards the scene of the murder prior to the murder being carried-out. 

R/Ds placed the offender in-custody and notified the Cook County State's Attorney's Felony Review Unit who hen met with R/Ds at Area-5. The Felony Review Unit reviewed all available case materials with R/Ds and approved 1st Degree Murder Charges against the offender, Peralta. 

Bond Court scheduled on 30 Sept 2021 with Judge Susana Ortiz. Offender was held without bond.

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