Mass Shooting On Chicago's Near West Side Leaves Several Injured


Area Three Detectives are working a mass shooting in an area of the city generally known as a quiet, but busy place where the smell of chocolates fill the air and people shop nearby. 

Information released by the Chicago Police Department stated: 
In the 800 block of N. Milwaukee, on Sep. 29, 2021, at approx. 4:54 p.m., two unknown vehicles were driving on the street when an occupant inside one of the vehicles began firing shots towards the second vehicle. There were five total gunshot wound victims. There are no offenders in custody. Area Three Detectives are investigating.

Male, 25 – gunshot wound to the buttocks and transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in good condition.

Male, 27 – gunshot wound to the arm and transported to Stroger Hospital initially reported in good condition.

Male, 29 – gunshot wound to the back and transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in critical condition.

Female, 30 – graze wound to the leg and transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in good condition.

Male, 48 – gunshot wound to the leg and transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in good condition.

This mass shooting was filed with RD# JE-391912, UCR Code 051-A (Agg Assault-Handgun, and Event# 2132210621. The Chicago Fire Department gave conflicting information about the seriousness of injuries to victims originally given by the Chicago Police Dept, stating at least two men were in critical condition. 

According to CPD, witnesses say this started by DesPlaines & Fulton in the 012th District. Chicago Police radio traffic shows that this incident was a rolling gunfight between two vehicles that injured unintended targets. Those keeping track of public safety news in Chicago by way of Twitter first heard the news from the popular Chicago_Scanner account.  

Several people shot, so far:
2 at Hubbard/Union
1 at Grand/Milwaukee
1 at Milwaukee/Des Plaines
Shell casings at Kinzie/Milwaukee#Chicago #ChicagoScanner

— 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖌𝖔𝕾𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖗 (@Chicago_Scanner) September 29, 2021

That same account then tweeted later that more rounds were located at 815 N. Milwaukee 

More casings at 815 N Milwaukee#Chicago #ChicagoScanner

— 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖌𝖔𝕾𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖗 (@Chicago_Scanner) September 29, 2021

Per Chicago Police Dept Chief of Patrol Brian McDermott, one of the victims may also be a suspect. This detail per a short video recorded statement released by Tom Ahern, CPD's Deputy Director of News Affairs. 

Chief of Patrol Brian McDermott provides an update on the shooting incident this evening in @ChicagoCAPS12. (5) individuals were shot including (1) possible suspect. @Area3Detectives are investigating. #ChicagoPolice

— Tom Ahern (@TomAhernCPD) September 30, 2021

Officers of the 012th District got the call from their Zone-3 Dispatcher. "Simulcast is busy. Units in twelve, we got a person shot DesPlaines & Kinzie....with details to follow...male on a bike was shot in the ankle, gettin' multiple calls on this." 

1261-C (District Tact Team) was the first to take this assignment. 1214 was also assigned, and 1261-D volunteered to go, followed by 1213 also volunteering for this assignment. 1215 volunteered their response next. 

Zone-3 then relayed information to responding units that several gunshots came from a black car with a machine gun. The radio came alive now with 1214 telling Zone-3 they have 2 people shot. 1214 we have an SUV southbound on DesPlaines occupied 4 times. 1202-S (012th District SDSC/Intelligence) stated at that time a Black Nissan Juke was seen, "one of the smaller ones". 

1214 found multiple spent shell casings at Kinzie & Milwaukee. 1261 (Tact Supervisor) stated to be enroute at that time. Next came the call that a person had been shot at Grand & Milwaukee. 1299 now asked for an RD Number for a "041-A" (UCR Code for Agg Batt, Handgun), and a notification from 1214's partner that there were other victims at Grand & Milwaukee. 1215 told Zone-3 he was aware of 3 crime scenes now. 1215 asked for traffic to be blocked at Green & Milwaukee, 1222 at Grand & Milwaukee.

1202-S relayed to Zone-3 that there were now 3 vehicles involved, a newer model champaign colored Nissan, possibly a Murano, and a silver Audi to be added to the black Juke. 1263-E 353 N. DesPlaines crime scene. 

This rolling gun battle now crosses over from the 012th District to the 001st District, and unit 0114 gets a call of "multiple tickets of shots fired Jefferson & Lake, Randolph & Jefferson, DesPlaines & Randolph. 3 SUVs are speeding, shooting at each other going the wrong way southbound on a northbound street. One is a tan SUV now going west on Randolph." 121 volunteered to go. 0161-D volunteered to go, and Z4 tells of "a gold SUV and a black SUV shooting at each other and still details to follow, I think they just made a right on Randolph, I think from Jefferson."

"At Randolph & Desplaines I have a caller whose window was shot out and he's pulled over standing southbound on DesPlaines" the zone said. 0124 now discovers shell casings at Randolph & Jefferson. 

0163 seeks a better description of the vehicles. 0102-S (001st District SDSC/Intelligence) replied they saw a tan Nissan, silver possibly Audi, and a black Nissan westbound on Randolph and possibly got on the expressway.

0121 advised they were going to close-off Jefferson northbound to preserve shell casings, and asked for units to block off Washington northbound and westbound Clinton at Randolph. 0163-A took that assignment with 0132 who took northbound traffic on Jefferson. 0114 blocked off Washington northbound. 0130 (Sgt) then stated he was enroute to the scene, and 0131 went to Randolph & Clinton to direct traffic. 

0114 directed OEMC to notify CTA to re-route their operations away from the scene. Unit 7399 (CTA Mass Transit Unit Ops Lt) asked what kind of encumbrance this may have on CTA operations. The CTA was notified and they informed the public via their official Twitter account.     

[Minor Delays / Reroute] 56 Milwaukee buses temp. rerouted SB: Milwaukee, Ashland, and Washington NB: Madison, Ashland, and Milwaukee due to, [street blockage near Milwaukee/Grand.

— cta (@cta) September 30, 2021

[Minor Delays / Reroute] 65 Grand buses are temporarily rerouted via Grand, Chciago, and Grand due to, street blockage near Grand/Halsted.

— cta (@cta) September 30, 2021

[Normal Service*] The temporary reroute of 65 Grand buses near Grand/Halsted has ended.

— cta (@cta) September 30, 2021

As all of this was happening, 0110 (001st District 10-sector Sgt) assigned 0121 to be the paper car for this, because he had a recruit with him who got to handle his first mass shooting his first day on the job! At this time, Ambulance 66 was pulling up to 0110's location. 0110 then cleared all units who weren't blocking traffic to answer calls. 

ABC 7 Chicago's Michelle Gallardo reports in the below video 

Chicago Fire Dept Assignments: 

4-5-1 - Incident Commander

2-1-11 - supervising 4-5-1, ordered switch to ops-7  

Engine 5 

Truck 19

Amb 28 

Amb 42

Amb 74   

Amb 11

Amb 41  

CPD A/3 Assignments:

Det Beat 5316

All victims were transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, except for a 27 year-old victim who was taken to Stroger.  

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