Elderly Woman Murdered in Chicago's Kelvyn Park Result of Domestic Violence


This is an Area-5 Homicide Investigation. All information contained in this report is in-essence only and not verbatim unless otherwise noted. This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports filed under RD# JE-389276 and Event# 09818

On 27 Sept 2021, Reporting Detectives were assigned this homicide investigation by the on-duty Area Homicide Sgt. after the Area was notified by the 025th District via OEMC Z12. 

R/Ds relocated from the Area to the scene. Upon arrival of R/Ds, R/Ds were met by on-scene units of the 025th District who related the following information in summary: 

This is a BWC event. Event# 09818

Reporting units of the 025th District responded to 4622 W. Schubert on 27 Sept 2021, where the female caller stated that the mother was the victim of a domestic disturbance when the male family member she identified as her son had killed the mother, and that the mother of the caller had a weapon inside her head, and that the mother is not awake, but dead. 

Photo courtesy Google Maps

Beat 2522 was assigned this call. Beat 2522 re-located to the address given as 4622 W. Schubert on the 1st floor.  

2530 ordered 2515 and 2524 to assist 2522. 2513 also assigned. 

Shortly after these units were assigned, OEMC Z12 relayed information to responding assigned units that the suspect suffers from Schizophrenia. 2524 stated they are C.I.T. trained. 

2515 was the first unit on-scene and informed OEMC z12 that this was a bonafide incident. 2515 then informed OEMC Z12 that he has 1 in-custody. OEMC gave a console time of 1557hrs. 

OEMC accounted for 2513, 2524, 2515, and 2523 on-scene. 2512 assigned crime scene.  2573 transported offender to Area-5 with 2525 assisting. 

Crime scene assignments: 2512 - front, 2513 - rear

Media staging - 4613 W. Schubert

Forensics Units assigned: 5850, 5834, 5833. 
Units to process crime scene, blood, body, knife sticking out of the head, meat cleaver, and meat tenderizer. 

Requesting beat was 2524, Officer Casey - Star# 14644

Notified: A/5 Det. Lynn - Star# 1650
A/5 Detective Lynn Star# 21384, Beat 5514

Req Officer (Allied svc): Deenihan - Star# 7843, Beat 2524

M.E. Inv. Bryant #89 assigned and authorizing


Investigation revealed that the victim, Porfiria Espinoza-Cardoza, 74 years-old, was physically attacked during a domestic incident by a known 20-year-old male offender (family member) who began striking the victim to the body with several weapons consisting of a knife, meat cleaver, and a meat tenderizer. The victim identified above was found in the kitchen with a knife protruding from her head, and was pronounced on scene. The Cook County Medical Examiner assigned case# ME 2021-09065. 

Kitchen layout photo of 4622 W. Schubert as provided by Zillow

R/Ds viewed scene and notate that since this was an inside crime scene, the lighting conditions were a combination of natural and artificial lighting due to a window in the kitchen on the west side of the kitchen. R/Ds further note that this is a building consisting of 4 floors, a garden apt, a 1st floor, a 2nd floor, and a 3rd floor. Building sits north to south lengthwise, and is next to what is currently an empty field with a driveway to the west of the field (east of the incident address), and to the east of the field, right next to the field are railroad tracks running north and south. Next to the building to the east is a cement walkway running north and south to the rear of the building from the front. 

On the east side of the building closest to the walkway and the field are windows, with one window on the garden level towards the front. This incident address is just due west of Kenton where Schubert becomes Kenton at the railroad tracks with Kenton running north and south. To the west of the incident address is Kilpatrick running north and south. The incident address is bounded to the north by W. Diversey Ave, and to the south by Wrightwood.  

Offender was taken into custody at the scene and transported to Area-5 Detective HQ for interview. ERI was started prior to arrival of offender. R/Ds entered interview room and identified themselves and the purpose of the interview. Offender was given a copy of the CPD Miranda Warning and Waiver form per CPD Directives, and R/Ds read that form out loud to offender. See ERI for full interview. Inventory number for ERI can be found on Investigation File Control Sheet, and in Detective Supplemental Report - General Progress Report Summary. 

Forensic Investigators (FIs) of the CPD Forensic Unit photographed, recovered fingerprints from, recovered, and inventoried the weapons used in this homicide. All biological evidence was photographed, recovered, and inventoried. Photos also inventoried. See investigative control sheet and Detective Supplemental Reports for inventory numbers. See ISP Crime Lab Evidence Requests in this file for biological and other evidence sent for testing.   

Victim Porfiria Espinoza-Cardoza was pronounced at the scene at 4:15PM (1615hrs). Autopsy was performed on  28 Sept 2021 by Cook County Medical Examiner Forensic Pathologist Dr. Aronson. A/5 Detectives were present for autopsy. See A/5 Detective Supplemental - Autopsy/Morgue Visit Report, and report of CPD Morgue Unit. On 28 Sept 2021, Dr. Aronson concluded that the cause of death was multiple injuries from a physically violent attack, and the manner of death to be homicide. 

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