Mass Shooting on Chicago's West Side Leaves One Dead, Three Injured


This is an Area-4 Violent Crimes and Homicide Unit Mass Casualty Aggravated Battery by Handgun, 1st Degree Murder Investigation.

All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim, unless otherwise noted. This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports filed under RD# JE-388527 and Event# 00818.

In summary:

This is a BWC event. Event# 00818

Reporting Detectives were notified of a mass casualty shooting, and Chicago Fire Dept EMS Plan-1 with a victim dead on scene by the A/4 Violent Crimes Sgt on-duty upon notification to the Area by field units of the 011th District via OEMC Zone-10 on the Area pax. 

R/Ds asked that all squad car cameras and officer/supervisor bodycams be preserved and brought to the Area-4 Detective Division for preservation and inventory.

R/Ds relocated from the Area to the scene

R/Ds obtained the following details from on-scene units:

Beat 1125 heard shots fired SW of Division St. and notified the zone, and 1102-S (District SDSC/Intelligence Room) confirmed several shots fired by way of shotspotter review around the area of 826 and 836 N. Ridgeway at 1:40AM. 15 shots heard followed by 15 more, and another 9 shots after that. Gunshots determined to be from fully automatic weapons, possibly multiple shooters involved.

This was followed by a call of a person shot at 836 N. Ridgeway.

CPD Assignments:

1113 (paper car and criome scene), 1121, 1130 (Sgt), 1133, 1162-C, 1199 (Operations Lt), CST Units 7664-B, 7663, 7666-C assigned.

1141 - Traffic N/B Ridgeway
1133 and 1131 assigned to follow ambulances. 1131 assigned to Stroger Hospital. 1120 supervised at Stroger.


Amb 15  - Triage and documentation at scene (1 yellow, 3 red)

Amb 63 - Mt. Sinai (40 y/o Victim w/ 3 gsw to the leg, serious but stable to Sinai)

Amb 64 - 24 y/o to Stroger

Amb 44 - 16 y/o to Stroger

Amb 45 - Stroger w/ one traumatic arrest w/ T36 assisting (deceased)



Truck 36, Engine 44, Battalion 18

Plan - 1 secured by orders of Batt 18. 


The victims were standing on the sidewalk when an occupant in a dark-colored sedan fired shots.

1162-C first on-scene and found two victims shot. One M/W on the ground shot multiple times at 836 Ridgeway behind a white Toyota Corolla, and one victim at 839 Ridgeway shot in the leg. 1199 arrived on-scene at this time.

1162-C then located two more victims, one with a GSW to the leg, and one with a gsw to the gluteus maximus. Multiple CFD EMS units requested at this time (4 total). 1199 confirmed 4 people shot at this time. 1162-C spotted a silver Camry or Toyota Corolla fleeing west on Iowa from Ridgeway. 1102-S confirms a pod cam in that area by Pulaski & Iowa on the west side of the street. R/Ds asked this footage be preserved and R/Ds will retrieve footage.
1130 gave UCR code 041-A temporarily so an RD# could be issued and investigation could be documented.

3 ambulances had left the scene with three victims all shot in the leg. 1199 ordered scene secure and bodycams turned-off at this time. 1131 requested change to UCR from 041-A (Agg Batt-Handgun) to 0110 (Homicide, First-Degree Murder).

Victims listed as follows:

3 wounded, 1 homicide 

Male (34) - Left arm & upper torso - DOA at Stroger

Male (16) - Leg

Male (24) - Right leg

Male (38) - Right leg

R/Ds authorized beat 1113 to notify CW-2 and request Forensic Services to respond to process scene and process deceased. Unit 1113 also told to call Crimelab Help Desk for Crimelab response. CPIC, News Affairs, and M.E. also notified.

Vehicle - white Toyota Corolla, shell casings

A/4 Notified: Sgt. Blair - Star# 1404

1143 ordered Allied for decedent transport to M.E. from Stroger. Ordering officer was Jasniuk - Star #12594

A/4 Detective Notified:  Lakis #20679

M.E. Inv. Gorley #57 Case# 2021-09038

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