Fallon C. Harris Arrested in Murder of 12 Year-Old Son


Date: 11 Sept 2021

Address: 8003 S. Bennett

Beat Assigned:  0411 

Assisting Beats: 423, 421, 443, 444

Supervising: 0499, 0420

RD# JE-369507

Event# 2130505893

Victim Name: Ingram, Kaden

Offender Name: Harris, Fallon, C

Offender/Victim Relationship: Offender is child victim's mother

This is an Area-2 Detective Division Homicide/Special Victims Unit arrest, case closure by arrest & prosecution report. All information in this report is in-essence only, and not verbatim unless otherwise noted. This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports filed under JE-369507. 

Event# 05893: This is a BWC event. 

In summary, Reporting Detectives were assigned this investigation by the Area-2 Homicide Sgt on-duty after the Area was notified by Beat 411 and OEMC Zone-8 of a homicide at the address noted above. 

R/Ds relocated from the area to the scene. 

Beat 411 was waved-down by a relative of child victim Ingram, Kaden, and was then dispatched by OEMC Zone-8 to respond to the above address. Beat 411 advised that a M/1 in a black Jeep Cherokee would be responding to this call. Call was originally sent out as a mental health disturbance, and shortly thereafter was again sent out, but this time as a caller (grandmother) concerned for the well-being of the 12 year-old son, and that she believed her 37 year-old daughter has killed her son. Information at that time stated that there may be a 38 revolver involved, but not clear who has/had the gun.

411 requested an additional unit and a Sgt. 

Beat 423 notified the zone that she needed extra units to respond and that there was a bonafide shooting. A female could be heard screaming in the background as 423 made this request. CFD EMS was notified and enroute. 

Beat 423 placed OFFENDER HARRIS, FALLON, C in-custody at the scene, and obtained a Miranda Warning timestamp from OEMC of 10:53AM. Offender Harris, Fallon, C voluntarily waived her 5th Amendment right to remain silent, and made a verbal confession at the scene. See bodycam for Beat 0423. 

Beat 0420 arrived on-scene, and issued a disregard for any further cars responding.

CPD Assignments: 432 and 434 - Crime scene protection. 494 - inside crime scene. 


Upon arrival of R/Ds at scene, R/Ds noted the address is a red brick single family home with white trim around the windows, one set of walk-up steps to the front door of the residence, and a 2nd floor. Address is bounded to the north by 80th st, to the south by 81st st, to the west one block over by Constance, and to the east by an alley. 

Lighting and weather conditions were not as seen in these photos. 

Investigation revealed that the offender, Harris, Fallon, C, was at some point recently in possession of an electronic storage card or disc. Offender came to believe that the 12 year-old child victim, Ingram, Kaden, was in possession of the item. Offender confronted victim demanding to know what happened to the electronic storage card/disc. Offender had stated to R/Ds that she had removed the storage card/disc from her car the night prior to committing the murder of victim. 

Investigation revealed that when he victim failed to hand over the item, she shot the victim. Offender stated the victim was conscious and crying at this time. Offender demanded for a second time that he victim produce the electronic storage item. Victim failed to produce the item, and offender shot the victim a second time. Evidence shows that this is when the victim fell to the kitchen floor, and expired.

Investigation revealed that offender called two relatives and told them she had shot the victim, and those relatives then contacted 911 and then contacted the victim's father. Victim's father met responding units at the scene. 

Offender was transported to Area-2 Bureau of Detectives, and ERI was started prior to offender's arrival. Offender was placed in an interview room upon arrival at Area-2.

R/Ds entered interview room and introduced themselves to offender, and stated the purpose of the interview. R/Ds were already aware of voluntary verbal confession of offender at scene.

R/Ds provided offender with CPD Miranda Warning and Waiver Form per CPD Directives. R/Ds read same form out loud to offender who stated she understood her rights.

R/Ds contacted CCSAO Felony Review Unit as a result of scene investigation which showed probable cause to believe that there was evidence to be recovered in the form of a video recording that showed the offender committing first-degree murder with the weapon in offender's hand.

CCSAO approved search warrant, and R/Ds served warrant. Video evidence was inventoried, see investigative control sheet for evidence entry.

R/Ds obtained all bodycam footage of responding units on-scene, and each was inventoried separately.

R/Ds interviewed all on-scene units and supervisory personnel, visually inspected the scene, and authorized the Crimelab and Evidence Techs to process the scene and the body at the scene. E.T.'s recovered a gun, which was inventoried. Offender showed R/Os where the gun was located, and gun was secured for E.T. processing. 

R/Ds relocated to the hospital where CFD Ambulance personnel and hospital E.R. personnel were interviewed. 

R/Ds performed a canvass of the area around the address. See canvass results. 

R/Ds spoke with family members of the deceased child victim who indicated that offender works for the City of Chicago in the Dept of Transportation as a manual laborer, and has been recently displaying paranoia and worrisome behavior. Offender was said to believe people were after her. Offender came back clear for a valid FOID and Illinois CCL. 

R/Ds requested an E.T. for GSR hand test of offender, photographs of offender, offender clothing, and buccal swab. Buccal swab was authorized by search warrant. Offender clothing was inventoried, and offender given replacement clothes.  

R/Ds placed a hotline call to the Illinois Department of Chidren and Family Services Child Abuse Hotline, and SCR assigned a Child Protection Specialist on an emergency basis.  

Call history shows a burglar alarm at the address on 10 Sept 2021. 

Detective notifications & assignments:

A/2 Det Weber, Beat 5222, Star# 20489

Beat 421 ordered body removal via CW2

Requesting officer: Birdsong - Star# 13495

M.E. Kearney - badge #4 approved body removal, and victim was assigned M.E.#2021-08505.

The Cook County States Attorney Felony Review Unit arrived at the Area-2 Detective Division where the case was reviewed together with R/Ds. Charges were approved for Offender Harris, Fallon, C. Bond Court scheduled 12 Sept 2021 with Judge Marubio. 

Bond Court Results: Offender held without bond. 

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