City of Chicago Endangers Children by Opening Schools as Lurie Children's Warns Hospital Almost at Capacity, Discovery of Delta Sub-Variant, New C12 Variant


On August 29th, 2021, r, Eric Feigl-Ding, an Epidemiologist and Senior Fellow at the Federation of American Scientists, who also has served Harvard and Johns Hopkins for 16 years, made it known that a two new Covid variants had been discovered. 

One of the new C19 variants is a sub-variant of Delta discovered in the U.K., while the other is a NEW mutation known as C12 (C.1.2). Dr. Ding tweeted about the new C12 variant discovery. 

The new variant was written about in a paper called "The continuous evolution of SARS-CoV-2 in South Africa: a new lineage with rapid accumulation of mutations of concern and global detection", and is currently awaiting peer-review as of this date. 

The Jerusalem Post reported on the new variant

WGN Chicago reported on 26 August 2021 that Chicago's Lurie Children's Hospital stated they are nearing capacity as pediatric Covid-19 cases rise. 

The Mayor and those appointed by her at the highest levels of the Chicago Pubic Schools decided to open schools even in the face of the facts presented here, as well as major transportation issues affecting Chicago's disabled students. As of 30 August, 2021, the Chicago Public Schools website looked like this

This reporter learned just prior to school re-opening that Chicago Public Schools had plans to retaliate against parents and families who kept their children home from school because of valid concerns about their children contracting Covid, and bringing Covid into the home. 


Reporter A.D. Quig of Crains Chicago confirmed that today during a press conference held by Mayor Lori Lightfoot

The Mayor stated that the city would work with ride share companies, but did not state how the city would vet those drivers for backgrounds involving violent offenses, sex offenses, child abuse allegations and convictions, etc.

Twitter user @BlanchePulaski pointed to obvious liability concerns 

The Chicago Tribune reported August 30th, 2021, that the re-opening was more contentious than the public knows, stating that "Portions of CPS’s safety plans were announced just last week, and some parents have threatened to keep their kids home until their children are given a remote learning option."

The Virtual Academy form gave students and their families a very narrow framework for student eligibility, leaving out entire groups of students and families whose medical histories make them what CPS terms "medically fragile". 

As of this moment, it is unknown how many parents/families are participating on the CPS Sick Out, as attendance number have yet to be released for this first day, and attendance nu,bers for the first week will tell the tale of CPS Sick Out participation. 

Chicago Public Schools threatened to involuntarily, forcefully, unenroll students who did not show-up for the first day of school. There was also credible information from inside CPS that the high ranking admins were going to instruct school level admins to make false calls to the DCFS hotline on families whose students did not show-up. 

Twitter user, @BreannaDemands reached out to Chicago Public Schools Family Services, and received the following response  

On 25 August, 2021, the Chicago Tribune reported that CTU President Jesse Sharkey raised concerns with the 3-feet standard, telling board members he has heard from teachers who said their classrooms are not large enough to ensure the distance will be maintained.

The Chicago Tribune also reported that same day that "The state is requiring all Illinois schools resume in-person learning this fall, with limited exceptions. A group of parents and advocates rallied in the Loop Wednesday to demand an e-learning option for their children."

"Among them was Cortney Ritsema, 38, who held up a green sign asking the Illinois State Board of Education, “How many kids need to get sick for you to give us a remote option?”

The Chicago Tribune uncovered a statement in that same news article quoting the current head of Chicago public Schools, "Torres acknowledged that some of these COVID-19 protocols — such as what happens when a positive case is detected in a classroom — were not communicated to parents until what “seems like at the eighth inning or the ninth inning.” He blamed some of the delay on negotiations with CTU, while some plans were “not fully cooked in some ways.”

Twitter user @miriamcb discovered today at 1:50PM, per the tweet's time stamp, that CPS has their lawyers in the schools. 

Back on August 26th, 2021, Twitter user @chicagospedpac spoke about how the Chicago Public School District tries to push families of disabled and Covid high-risk students to unenroll  

Chicago Public Schools also has still not addressed safety concerns relating to students and families who must transport across, or into and out-of police districts and detective areas that have consistently shown high rates of serious violent crimes, including homicide. Chicago's 011th District and the geography covering the Area-4 Detective Division is currently the worst in the city by those numbers. 

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