Area - 3 Detective Division Sex Crimes Unit Arrest of Anthony Brown


This is an Area-3 Detective Division - Sex Crimes Unit Arrest 

This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports filed with RD#JE-343263

All information contained in this report is in-essence and not verbatim unless otherwise noted.

Reporting Detectives were assigned this investigation by the on-duty Area-3 Sex Crimes Sgt. upon notification to the Area by the 018th District. On 20 August 2021, the female victim was with her boyfriend at 1031 N. Rush st. when the two had occasion to engage in a verbal domestic altercation. The victim left the noted location and was followed by her boyfriend. When the victim reached the intersection of Rush & Delaware, the victim continued eastbound toward N. Michigan ave. and her boyfriend continued southbound. 

Victim was seen via CPD/CPIC podcam walking south on Michigan with the offender near Ohio at Michigan, and the offender was observed with his arm around the victim.When the victim reached the intersection at Wacker and Michigan with the offender, the victim was observed stumbling and almost walking into the intersection.Offender then walked down a set of stairs with the female victim to lower Michigan ave. Victim then walks out of camera view, and is seen at or around 1AM picking up a shoe. 

Offender then grabbed victim from behind by wrapping his arms around the victim and dragged her forcefully back to a red Jeep. Victim engaged in a physical struggle with offender, and attempted to walk free. The offender leaned against a metal support beam, causing the victim to fall onto the offender in a sitting position. Two witnesses then observed victim and offender, and witnesses approached the victim, inquiring about her safety. Victim assured witnesses she was safe, and then victim ran towards the red jeep, and offender followed.Several minutes later, the legal owner of the jeep observed the victim laying inside the jeep face-down with the offender on-top of her. 

This witness called 911 and Beat 111 was assigned this response at 316 N. Michigan - Lower Level. Upon arrival of R/O assigned to 120, R/O observed offender with victim, removed offender from on top of the victim, and offender was placed in-custody. 120 immediately summoned CFD EMS via Zone-4. 

Offender was transported to 001 for processing. Offender was advised of his Miranda rights and voluntarily made a statement to Beat 120, in which offender admitted to committing the offense of Agg Criminal Sexual Assault. 

Offender stated "I was just tryin' to get some pussy" 

Victim was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment. NMH performed a rape kit, which was given to Forensic Unit personnel and inventoried. All forensic evidence was sent to the Illinois State Police Crime Lab for testing. See evidence processing requests and investigation control sheet. 

CPD Assignments: 111, 120, 113, 132, 186E, 186F, 186G

CFD: Ambulance 74

Det Assigned: A/3 Rooney - Star# 20933, Beat 5318

R/Ds performed a canvass of the areas where the offense occurred, and along the path of travel of victim and offender for video recordings. R/Ds obtained city camera video recordings and inventoried those recordings.

R/Ds made contact with victim, and performed a VSI. R/Ds arranged for independent administrators for photo line-ups to be completed separately with the victim and witnesses in this investigation. Victim and witnesses positively identified Offender BROWN, ANTHONY, who was already in-custody at 001. See arrest report and independent administrator line-up reports. 

R/Ds contacted Cook County State's Attorney Felony Review Unit who arrived at Area-3, reviewed the case materials, and approved charges for Agg Criminal Sexual Assault. 

Offender has no GIPP & NO TRAP. Offender scheduled for Bond Court 22 Aug 2021. Offender held without bond.

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