Area 5 Detectives Investigate Murder of 7 Year-Old Girl, Attempted Murder of 6 Year-Old Girl


This is an Area-5 Violent Crimes/Homicide investigation. This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports filed with RD#JE338308 and Event#2122710170

All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim unless otherwise noted. This is an open-active investigation subject to new findings as investigation progresses. 

Time: 2:50PM

Address: 6242 W. Grand Ave.

UCR: 0110/041-A

Beat of Occurrence: 2512

Beat Assigned: 2513 (Paper Car), 2564-A, 2535Assisting Beats: 2562-C, 2562-E, 2562, 25D11, 2562-A, 2525, 25D14 

Supervising: 2530, 2540, 2599


Reporting Detectives were notified by the on-duty Area Violent Crimes/Homicide Sgt. of a double shooting that occurred at the above address at the above time and date after Sgt was notified by field units of the 025th District via Z12. 

Reporting Detectives relocated form the area to the scene, and interviewed all on-scene units as well as witnesses. Reporting Detectives then relocated to the hospital where both child victims were taken by the Chicago Fire Department. Reporting Detectives interviewed hospital staff and transporting CFD EMS personnel. 

Investigation revealed the following in-essence: 

At approximately 2:50 p.m, 2502-S alerted Z12 to a shot spotter notification of 10-rounds fired. Beats 2564-A and 2535 responded immediately. Seconds later, a 911 call was made and sent over the zone of a person shot and a black SUV being involved. Upon the arrival of Beat 2535, R/O found a 7-year-old female victim and a 6-year-old female victim were in a vehicle parked on the street when they both sustained gunshot wounds by an unknown offender. 

2535 immediately summoned an EMS response via Z12, and 2599 ordered all traffic closed-off to allow ambulances in and out. CTA was notified to re-route Grand ave buses. 

Traffic closures: Grand & Mobile (2523), Grand & Melvina (2534) 

2525 developed information that a Burgundy colored Honda Accord fled east on Grand just after shots were fired. 

Victim security assignments: 2525 followed CFD Ambulance 7 (Loyola), and 2515 followed CFD Ambulance 15 (Stroger)

The 6-year-old female victim sustained a gunshot wound to the chest, the right armpit, was transported to Loyola Hospital in serious to critical, but stable condition. The 7-year-old female victim sustained a gunshot wound to the chest, the torso, and was transported to Loyola Hospital where she was pronounced.

Shell casings were located at 6243 and 6242 w. Grand. 

2513 requested an Evidence Tech for vehicle processing. Vehicle is a Black 2017 Chevy. 2533 guarding vehicle. 

A/5 Det Schak notified

A/5 Det. Lynn - Star# 21384, Beat 5514 on-scene

2513 changed UCR for 7 year-old victim at 3:34:56PM to 0110 (Homicide - 1st Degree Murder).

This investigation continues open-active. 

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