Victim Stabbed While Riding CTA Bus on Chicago's North Side


Chicago Police Bureau of Patrol units in the 014th District responded this morning to a call of a person stabbed on a CTA bus at the intersection of Elston and Damen. The call went out at 9:07:16AM. 

Beat 1424 was assigned to this call, as the dispatcher said all of his 30 sector cars were busy. CTA bus 1910 southbound. 1411 gave a flash message over the air and described a Black female in her 50s, 5 foot 4, 120 pounds, skinny, last seen at that time wearing a black shirt with blue-greenish pants, and a hair wrap. She also had a cut on her neck, per a witness statement. Beat 1411 further stated that she had been last seen in the 019th District and had gone inbetween the buildings of the Lathrop homes (Clybourne, Damen and Diversey). 

Per 1411, the stabbing occurred south of Diversey on the 019th District side of the district border before the bus crossed the district boundary line into the 014th District. Beat 1411 then stated the stabbing occurred on the bus between 2550 and 2558 N. Damen. This same officer stated that there was a crime scene on the bus, and that he had a photo of evidentiary value on his department-issued phone.

Beat 1411 stated from here that a witness followed the suspect and witnessed the suspect enter the Lathrop Homes, and that the witness described the suspect in possession of a 3-inch knife or shank. 

During the initial investigation, questions arose as to which police district would be the proper jurisdiction for this incident. At 9:13:38AM, the 019th District (Zone-2) dispatcher assigned 1922 to this incident after the 014th District Sergeant in-charge of 1411 (Beat 1410) asked the Zone dispatcher to assign a 019th district paper car.  The zone dispatcher then informed 1410 that the stabbing incident had been re-assigned to Chicago Police Beat 1922. This places the investigation into the hands of the Area-3 Bureau of Detectives Violent Crimes unit. 

Beat 1413 was assisting Beat 1411 shortly after this re-assignment to the 019th District and Area-3 Detectives.  

Beat 1920 (019th District 20-sector Sgt) relocated to the Lathrop Homes to continue investigation. Beat 1922 was then informed that the 014th District was handling the paperwork for this, and stated he couldn't find a crime scene and that he was going to head over by Costco to see if the suspect had gone over that way. This shows that 1922 was not told that the crime scene was on the bus, and that there was some miscommunication or lack of communication.  

 1410 then asked 1922 to meet him at Damen and Elston. The dispatcher informed him that they were unable to find the crime scene, and 1410 had to inform the zone that the BUS was where the crime scene was located. 1920 stated he was going to head back over to that location where the bus was located. 1922 reported on-scene shortly after this radio transmission.  

Ambulance 62 transported the victim to Illinois Masonic. 

1922 informed the zone dispatcher that the 014th District would guard the crime scene until the evidence tech arrived, and stated he was going to head over to Masonic to check on the victim. Beat 1933 stated he was already at Masonic, and that the victim had multiple stab wounds to the head, face, and arm, but in good condition. 

The investigation at this point revealed that the suspect is picked-up daily by the same bus during the 8AM hour, suggesting that the suspect may live in the area. 

This investigation developed a possible lead when a victim arrived at Stroger Hospital and stated to have been stabbed at Elston and Damen. Beat 1933 was assigned. Beat 1223 assigned to assist. Investigation conducted by Beats 1933 and 1223 revealed that this was indeed the suspect from the stabbing on the bus, and per the zone-2 dispatcher handling calls for the 019th district, the suspect voluntarily made a statement that the incident was one involving mutual combatants in which the suspect stabbed her boyfriend and he stabbed her. Suspect was then placed into custody for Area-3 Detectives to continue investigation. 

The 019th District Field Lieutenant (Beat 1999) was supervising this incident and resulting investigation. 1999's investigation revealed in that moment that 1922 was still waiting to hear back from an assigned Detective, and that no signed complaints had been secured. 1922 then relocated from the 019th District East to Stroger Hospital to continue this investigation. 

1922 arrived at Stroger and carried-out the remainder of this investigation. The suspect was taken into custody after being cleared for discharge by Stroger Hospital emergency room medical personnel, and transported to the Area-3 Detective Division. 

This reporter contacted Chicago Police News Affairs by e-mail for comment, but was denied because this reporter doesn't have access to the department's MINS (Media Information Notification System). 

This case filed under Chicago Police RD# JE-308786. 

Edit: Shortly after this article was published, CPD responded by e-mail and granted this reporter access to the Chicago Police Dept. MINS System. 


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