Dani Hensley, Editor

Chicago-One News

Chicago-1 News (also Chicago-One News) is Chicago's most reliable, trusted source of news and insight into Chicago public safety. Chicago-One News is the ONLY news reporting through the lens of  the daily and historical operations of the Chicago Police Department, the policies and directives of the Chicago Police Department, and Chicago Police Misconduct.  

Whether it's a major homicide or homicide pattern impacting quality of life and the trajectory of public safety in Chicago, a major robbery pattern, major public transit and travel safety issues in the city, CPD policy analysis, Chicago Police intelligence operations, major gang conflicts involving critical/grave injury or death, or coverage of major CPD misconduct allegations, Chicago-One News has it covered!

Chicago-One News is also the ONLY news source in Chicago making the Chicago Police Department records archives openly available to the public through records requests used to produce distinctive news and education pieces analyzing major criminal investigation records to help the public understand how Chicago's most major violent crimes cases that shaped city history unfolded from beginning to end.   

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